Feel The Beat!

Helium Music Venue, owned & operated by BΘΘτίε SΘƲιȘτλર-JƲκεɱλɴ and BΘΘĢίε SΘƲιȘτλર-JƲκεɱλɴ is one of the hottest, most versatile clubs in Second Life!  Not only is it a great please to hear an exciting variety of music, it also hosts plenty of places to relax , as well as grab a snack, do some shopping at Boo’s Designs, and even get married to the love of your virtual life!  The serene garden area that surrounds the club is a welcome change from the lag-ridden sims, and if you’re in the mood to dance, you can always count on the venue staff to entertain you, with music and good banter.  Most clubs claim to treat their guests like family, but this one truly delivers!  Everyone is welcome, even during down time.

Dress: “Ruby” (dress & panty liner with HUD) by Boo’s Designs, available at the TWE12VE event

Shoes:  “Dazy” (with texture HUD) by Boo’s Designs

Hair: “Peach” (Essentials pack) by :::Phoenix:::

Eyes:  “Luxy” (Catwa) eye applier by E U P H O R I C

Photos location:  HELIUM music venue



TWE12VE 2019 Generic


Second Pride: 50 Years of Pride — Virtually Sheree — ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

Fifty years some very courageous people risked their lives in their fight for equality. While there has been much progress, now is not the time to grow complacent with hate movements actively seeking to reverse all progress over the past fifty years. So this year with fifty years marking the anniversary of the Stonewall Riot, […] […]

via Second Pride: 50 Years of Pride — Virtually Sheree — ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

I see your true colours

Hair: “Hibiki” (Fifty Linden Fridays exclusive) by Wasabi

Outfit: “Elise (Top / Skirt / Belt mega pack) by Blueberry

Glasses:  “Cat Eye Glasses – Love The Rainbow v.2” by Liefde Designs

Pool:  “Inflatable Cute Pool Fun Pastel Set” by CHEZ MOI 



Hair:  “No Stress” by No.Match

Eyes: “Kiki (for Catwa, Pack #1)” by E U P H O R I C

Outfit: “Yumi” (mega pack) by Blueberry




Hair:  “Peach” (Essentials pack) by :::Phoenix:::

Prop:  “Pride Flag” by AsteroidBox.



Proud to support Pride Month

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Shirt: “Human/Lotsa Love” ladies T-shirt by Aurora’s Closet (at Second Pride)

Shorts:  “LGBT LGBTQ Gay Pride Rainbow Outfit” by TIGHT Designs

Shoes:  “Rosie” Pride heels {in white} by Aurora’s Closet (at Second Pride)

Hair: “Mitzi (Mesh Hair) – Rainbow” by TRUTH

Rainbow flag & pose:  “Pride Flag pose” by Hotshot Designs

Other poses:  “Peace” by :: Focus Poses ::

Firestorm Viewer Sky Presets (photo filters): 

Surreal – Fire (Paulina)StrawberrySingh.com – Closeups, [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) whiter, Fairy blue (Paulina)Lunar Morning 7, Incongruent Truths , CalWL


Friends Forever




Candice Zapatero (blue dress), Love Ghostraven (purple dress), Candi Shamrock (pink dress)

Dresses  (all models): “Bootie” (Spring, with HUD) by Boo’s Designs

Shoes  (all models): “Nikki” heels (Spring w/ HUD) by Boo’s Designs

Candice’s hair: “Beatrix (selection)” by TRUTH

Candi’s hair: “Livia (Candy)” by TRUTH

Love’s hair: “Kaijah” by TRUTH

Candice’s mesh body:  “Freya” by Belleza

Candi’s mesh body: “Lara” (v4.1) by Maitreya

Love’s mesh body: “Hourglass” by Slink

Candice’s necklace: “Solitaire Marquise Pendant (Sapphire)” by Zuri Rayna

Love’s earrings and bracelets:  “Enchanted Amethyst” Jewelry Set by [< Lazuri >]

Love’s necklace:  “collier surfer 2” by Jeanquille Resident /MarinaBay Shop


“The Bunnies (Group Pose)” by Magnifique

“Mains – Group Pose ” by Demeanor

“Always There For Eachother (Group Pose)” by Magnifique

“Besties (Group Pose) ” by Magnifique Poses


Sky Presets (Firestorm viewer):  

Bree’s Appleblossom ,StrawberrySingh.com – Closeups, FSOriginal, [TOR] SCIFI – Lilack

Sun therapy

It’s finally Spring (at least in my hemisphere), and it’s time to dust away the Winter blues, and enjoy the Springtime sun!   Nature’s warmth is perfect for lifting your spirits, and a frolic in the ocean waves is great for rejuvenation.  Slather on some sunscreen, go outside, and recharge!


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“Kyra (USA)” teeny bikini by Aurora’s Closet

“Gia (pink)” swimsuit by Aurora’s Closet

“Candice” (Ladies Beach Outfit with HUD) by Aurora’s Closet

(All modeled on the “Freya” body by Belleza)



“No Body” and “No Between” by No.Match


“Freya” by Belleza


“Catya” by CATWA



New day, new year, new me

With January coming to an end, I decided to reflect on my changes so far in 2019. I started going to the gym more often (personal training!!), and I’m eating better.  I have more energy to get things done, and it’s helping me both physically & mentally. So, I had to reward myself (in-world) with new clothes, hair, and a place that reflects the happiness that I have.  Even  though it’s below freezing outside, you can still enjoy rays of sun online, and that alone can bring a smile. 🙂



 ” Caralisa (Mesh Hair) – Brunette” by TRUTH


“Lucy” (wrap dress) in Berry & Valentine” by Aurora’s Closet

“Tia (slouch dress) in Lemon” by Aurora’s Closet


 “Model poses I” by .::Nanika::.

Mesh body:

“Freya” by Belleza


“Kenza” by TAOX TaTToo


“Cornflower (cozy skybox)” by Aurora’s Closet



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