A flexible resolution

Like many, one of my resolutions this year is to improve my health.  One of the ways I like to exercise is to dance.  I’m not a professional by any means, but I do enjoy dancing around to my favorite songs, and at least pretend I’m a world class dancer.  Sure, I occasionally fall on my butt;  I just have a laugh, get back up, and keep shaking my tush to the beat… in hopes it helps meet my daily step goal for Fitbit!

In this blog, I am wearing the “Jada” outfit by ~*Moolala*~.   The halter top and booty shorts are just right for showing off your inner entertainer.   The matching toe socks are snug & comfy, and perfectly display your cute toes as you prance around the studio.. or your kitchen.  😉   This comes with a HUD, with 15 texture choices for the top, shorts, and the top’s bow.  It fits the following mesh bodies:  Belleza (Freya, Isis, and Venus);   Maitreya (Lara); and Slink (Physique and Hourglass).   You can purchase this for 169L, or 127L (group member price).


Outfit:  “Jada” by ~*Moolala*~

Hair:  “No.Horizon” (browns) by No.Match

Mesh body:  “Freya” by Belleza

Skin:  “Niska – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Necklace:  “Layered Choker (silver)” by Pretty Mess

Prop & Poses #1:  “Dance Studio Photo Prop Ballet Set” by SecondSnaps // Second Habitat

Poses #2:  “Winter Spirit 1 & 2” by Eternal Dream


ballet_004ballet_003ballet_001ballet_002ballet_005ballet_007ballet_006ballet_008ballet_009ballet_011ballet_010Jada Outfit Ad - MP


The best of both worlds

I am very lucky that my partner in Second Life is also one of my best friends in real life.   He has made me laugh when I didn’t want to, and smile when I thought all hope was lost.   I call him my “second husband”, because he’s been very supportive of my family, and my real life husband thinks the world of him as well.   While my family can’t spend any of our Winter holidays visiting him, he knows that he’s always in our hearts, and we think the world of him!

In this post, I am wearing the “Christine” ruched dress, created by ~*Moolala*~, exclusively for the Naughty List 2, that is going on now until December 31st.  It’s a saucy sweater-type dress, that’s perfect for warming up your loved one’s heart.   Twelve frosty designs perfectly compliment the Winter air, and the shape enhances every curve of your physique.   For 99L, it’s a steal, as there are 5 Fitmesh sizes (XS, S, M, L, and XL), one size for Belleza, one size for Maitreya, and one size for Slink.    I wore mine with Belleza – Venus, and it fit perfectly.  I had to do some minor adjustments with my alpha HUD, but that’s mainly because of my personal shape.


Dress:  “Christine” ruched dress, by ~*Moolala*~, for the Naughty List 2

Shoes:  “Silverstar” sandals by Boo’s Designs

Hair:  “Blake” (for FLF) by Wasabi Pills

Eyes:  “Moroccan Nights” by Poetic Colors

Mesh body:  “Venus” by Belleza

Skin:  “Niska – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Earrings and necklace:  “Triple Tear – Turquoise” by EarthStones

Wedding band:  “Happy New Year 2018 For Bento / Classic Hands Rings Golkoy Gold” by [SuVue]



Sweater and Tie:  “Men’s Xmas Sweater With Tie” by Meli Imako

Pants:  “Rigged Mesh Men’s Jeans Pants V.2” by Meli Imako

Shoes:  “Xmas suit” by [AdN]

Hair:  “Mesh Hair <Peter> Natural Tones” by -FABIA-

Skin & Eyes:  “King” by Redgrave

Mesh hands:  “Dynamic” by SLINK

Wedding band: “Happy New Year 2018 For Bento / Classic Hands Rings Golkoy Gold ” by [SuXue]

SIM LOCATION:  2017 Christmas Town by The Townies











N’Ice Holidays

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!   Whichever holiday/celebration you observe, I hope it’s a safe & pleasant one!   Winter is officially around the corner (for some of us), and that means frosty nights, hot cups of cocoa, festive gatherings, and of course, holiday attire!  Whether it’s a warm bundle of sweaters and scarves, or a slinky outfit that is sure to quicken the heartbeat of your beloved, now is the perfect time to strut around in your favorite outfit, for celebrations… or play.  😉

In this post, I am wearing the “Ophelia” outfit, created by ~*Moolala*~, for this month’s Twe12ve Event.   It’s a sexy bodysuit and toeless socks combination, that is perfect for  practicing yoga,  showing of your dance moves, or prancing around while seducing… I mean, convincing … Santa that you have been oh-so-good this year!  The halter top leaves just enough to the imagination, and the bottoms are high cut (front and back) so that it teases in all the right places.  The socks cover the majority of the legs, but fit just right to show off every beautiful curve.  Both the top and socks come with fifteen colors to choose from, in a HUD, so you can mix & match.  This outfit fits the following mesh bodies:   Belleza (Freya, Isis, and Venus);  Maitreya (Lara); and Slink (Hourglass and Physique).

Outfit:  “OPHELIA” by ~*Moolala*~, for the Twe12ve Event

Hair:  “Angie” (Reds04) by TRUTH

Skin:  “Niska – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Mesh body:  “Freya” by Belleza

Eyes:  “Moroccan Night” by Poetie Colors

Jewelry: “Big Hoop Earrings” by Âɖяίαɲα (adriana.arun)

Sim location:   Amani Resort (my homestead)


winter_001winter_006winter_003winter_004winter_005winter_002Ophelia Ad - SL

“Pier” into your soul

The beach is the perfect get-away-from-it-all.   The sound of the water can soothe you, the smell of the salty air can refresh you, the power of waves can energize you.  Just to see the majestic scenery that creates one of Nature’s stunning backgrounds can make you forget all about your troubles for a while.   Standing on a pier reminds you to take a moment to stop, reflect on your life, look deep into your soul, and remember that the power of the sea is within you, and just as the shoreline can get better over time, so can  your life.  The ocean has the power to remove obstacles, and so do you.

In this post, I am wearing two version of the “Two Toned Tied Halter Top” by Aurora’s Closet –  Blue/Grey, and Nude/Grey.   Both have a light, breezy design that pairs perfectly with your favorite set of shorts.   The sides expose just enough of the bosom to provide a tease, but still covers you so that it can be worn on non Adult-rated sims.   I am wearing the size for the Freya mesh body, created by Belleza, but it also fits the following:  Classic Avatar (5 sizes, including an alpha layer); Freya, Isis, and Venus by Belleza; Hourglass & Physique by Slink; Curvy & Fine by Tonic, Lara by Maitreya, as well as Ebody & TMP.   Alone, the tops are 69L each, but you can get a version that comes with an HUD (8 textures) for 169L.

Top #1: “Ladies Two Tone Tied Halter Top ~ Blue/Grey ” by .:{ Aurora’s Closet }:.

Top #2 is “Ladies Two Tone Tied Halter Top” ~ Nude/Coral, which is similar to: “Ladies Two Tone Tied Halter Top ~ Nude/Grey ” by .:{ Aurora’s Closet }:.

Shorts:  “Milly” mesh leather shorts by Blueberry

Hair:  “Angie” (Reds04 Fade) by TRUTH

Eyes:  “Moroccan Nights” by Poetic Colors

Mesh body:  “Freya” by Belleza

Skin:  “Niska – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Sim location:  Finesmith, Inc. Clothing & Free Photo Studio



Lyrical icon

In Second Life, as well as real life, there are many clubs that reflect the feel of certain eras.  In the virtual world, you can open up your own club in less than a day, but to get the proper feel of the venue, research has to be done.  Music has to be carefully selected, atmosphere has to be perfect in order to correctly represent the *true feeling*, and staff has to entice the guests with flare & mystery.  The legendary Cotton Club in Harlem, NY managed to do all of that, with help from the likes of Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, Cab Calloway, Sammy Davis Jr, and many more.

Wikipedia page for the real Cotton Club

There are two Cotton Clubs in Second Life, at the time of this blog;  the well known Cruiz’s Cotton Club, and the location that I visited, the quiet & quaint Cotton Club on the Balandin sim.    If jazz music and warm company is your speed, this place is for you.   It’s great for spending a bit of time alone while you relax, or taking a loved one to dance the night away to your favorite soulful tunes.

In this blog, I am wearing the Charlize dress, and the Falling Leaf fingernail HUD (both from ~*Moolala*~), that are available at the current Twe12ve event.   Each are 99L.   The Charlize dress fits all of the Belleza mesh bodies, as well as both of the Slink mesh bodies, and the Lara mesh body from Maitreya.   I am wearing the Belleza-Freya mesh body, and I did have to adjust the alpha layers a little bit, for my lower back, but that was only because my shape is more curvy than most.  You may not need to do any adjusting at all, but I do recommend using panties underneath the dress (especially if your AO bends over a lot).  The fingernail HUD has Maitreya and Omega appliers.  Both of the HUDs come with 10 colors, and the textures from both coordinate with each other, helping you to create the perfect look.

Dress:  “Charlize” by ~*Moolala*~, at the Twe12ve Event

Manicure:  “Falling Leaf” fingernail HUD set by ~*Moolala*~, at the Twe12ve Event

Shoes:  “Simply Divine” by Dressed By Lexi

Hair:  “Tymber” by TRUTH

Eyes:  “Blaze Of Glory” by Starla Farella

Mesh body:  “Freya” by -Belleza-

Skin:  ” Niska : 6 – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Jewelry:  “Lora – Turquoise Silver” by EarthStones

Sim location:  “Cotton Club” at Balandin




Honoring “Movember”

The month of November is special for a lot of reasons.   You have Veterans/Remembrance Day, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Independence Day (Antigua and  Barbuda), Thanksgiving, and many other holidays celebrated around the world.  Another celebration is called “Movember“, which (as stated on the Wikipedia page) “is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.”

“Movember” on Wikipedia

In honor of this worthwhile cause, I decided to create a blog to help spread the word around Second Life.    Mαɳɖi Loχεℓɥ Jαɱεs (Mandilena Loxely in Second Life) has created a very handsome jersey tank for the guys,  called “Beard Season”, that is perfect for getting the message out about Movember.    You can purchase it as part of the “All About The Beard” jersey tank set, that comes with a 8 texture HUD (5 prints, 3 plain).  It has 5 mesh fits for classic avatars, as well as sizes for Belleza, Slink, Signature Gianni, TMP, Adam, and Aesthetic.   This set costs 199L at the in-world store.

━━━━━━━━  MODELS:  Steve & Sarah Waverider   ━━━━━━━━

  Photo location:  Amani Resort playground  


━━━━━━━━  Steve’s outfit  ━━━━━━━━

Shirt:  “Beard Season ~ Men’s Jersey Tank ~ Blue” by Aurora’s Closet

Pants:  “Stovepipe Jeans – Stone” by Slink

Beard & Moustache:  “Inkubator Beard – Harold” by Action

Skin:  “Marcello/Mocha/360 Waves” by Ooh-la-licious

Mesh Body:  “Physique (male body)” by Slink

Hat:  “Oversized Beanie (grey)” by INDI Designs

Eyes:  “Green eyes” by JStyLe

Bracelets:  “Man bracelet” by JStyLe

Tattoos:  “Skulls (H13003)” by Letis Tattoo


  ━━━━━━━━  Sarah’s outfit  ━━━━━━━━

Shirt:  “Movember Mustache Fall Sweater Off Shoulder” by #bubbles

Pants & Shoes:  “Gunna Get Me Some Happy” Jeans & Ugg Boots (Pastels) by Pink Pearl Designs

Skin:  “Niska : 6 – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Mesh Body:  “Fine Beauty” by Tonic

Hair: “Ambriel” by TRUTH

Eyes:  “Intense Eyes-Grey” by Curves








Queen for a day

One of the joys of Second Life is that you can pretend to be anything you want, even royalty!   I was able to do this for many years as a Princess, a Queen, and also an Empress.  While style and class were very important to me, I made it a point to never let the title get the better of me.  At the end of the day, when I logged off, I was still a regular person, and the personality I have in real life needed to  shine in the virtual world.  Still, I rather enjoyed the stories of castles, dueling knights, royal engagements, decisions regarding conflict, and the general comradery amongst my Queendom/Empire constituents and those of other royal lands.  The memories and friendships will be cherished for a lifetime.

In this blog post, I decided to go for a more refined look, as opposed to my usual “hippie diva” attire.   My manicure is from ~*Moolala*~, and it can be found during the Jerky Turkey hunt going on now, until November 30th (prizes are 1L each).   There are two fingernail HUDs included, for Maitreya and Omega.   The hint for this location is “Love the life you live to love!”

Manicure:   Jerky Turkey Hunt 2017 fingernail HUDs gift from ~*Moolala*~

Shirt:  “Michelle” Cropped Sweater by Hilly Haalan

Scarf:  “Gift Scarf” by Hilly Haalan

Pants:  “Armelia (Dusky Pink capris)” by Aurora’s Closet

Mesh Body:  “Lara” by Maitreya

Hair:  “Olivia” by enVOGUE

Skin:  ” Niska : 6 – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Eyes:  “Turquesa” by JStyLe

Glasses:  “HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses ” by Guu Nishi

Hand poses:  shi.s.poses hand poses

Photoshoot location:  Amani Resort