World Photo Day -where life is a canvas

Today is “World Photo Day”, which celebrates photography, a beautiful profession that was invented 177 years ago.  While the real world provides numerous places to “take a snap” (picture), one should not overlook all of the glorious places that can be found in virtual worlds too!    My preference, of course, is Second Life, and the photography sims rarely let me down.   Today, I came across Beneath The Waning Moon (owned by the Ex Malo Bonum group), a splendid sim that has a photo studio, art gallery, and tremendous outdoor scenes which are perfect for photo backdrops!

In this entry, I am wearing a gift made by *~Moolala~*, created for the Body Of Evidence Hunt.  It is a form fitting body suit, that shows off curves with class and lots of sex appeal too.  The top and pants come in Jacket and Pants layers, respectively, and there is an applier HUD, for those with mesh bodies.  Additionally, you will also receive a leaf necklace, that nestles perfectly between the bosom.

Mesh Body:

“Lara” by Maitreya


“No.Mojito” by No.Match


“Marilyn” in Amaretto by Ooh-la-licious Skins®

Outfit and Necklace:

“Body Of Evidence” hunt gift by *~Moolala~*

(this hunt gift will be available through August 31)


“Jabari Ear Rings” by -= UZURI =-


“Heather” by Glamistry


“Henna 1 Upper Tattoo” by Rusty Needle Tattoos


“Beneath A Waning Moon” Photo Studio and Art Gallery



Author: zapaterostyle

I'm a blogger for Second Life. My favorite things to talk about are clothing, hair styles, GACHA events, great photography sims, and various shops that I love!

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