MOOOve over and enjoy the sun!

*~Moolala~* has a brand new gift in the Cupcake Diver!   The current one is the “Buckle Skirt and Halter”.  It comes in Black, Pink, and Purple, and I am wearing the Teal version with the Moo print.    It is a mesh outfit available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, and XL) and includes an alpha layer for classic avatars.   I wore it with my Maitreya body, and it fit nicely, using a few adjustments on my HUD for the Alpha layers (photo below).   The halter accentuates the curves of the bosom nicely, and the skirt has a very cute buckle.    It’s a fun and flirty outfit to wear on the beach, perfect for splashing in the waves.

Your taxi to the cutest beachwear:       *~Moolala~*



Here are the alpha settings that I used to help it fit on my Maitreya mesh body.  I wore the {M} size, for the halter and skirt.

(the grey areas are what need to be “invisible”)


Moolala's buckle top and skirt Color Choices Ad.png

Moolala's buckle top and skirt Teal Ad.png


Author: zapaterostyle

I'm a blogger for Second Life. My favorite things to talk about are clothing, hair styles, GACHA events, great photography sims, and various shops that I love!

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