JOYful times with friends

‘Tis the season to enjoy the beautiful changes in the weather, as we prepare to go from Autumn to Winter.    The air is crisp, the ground is starting to get covered in snow, and the holiday decor can put a smile on the gloomiest of faces.   This is the time to gather with friends , from all walks of life —   and in Second Life, this means those of different species!    Today, I was honored with a tour of the ~*Water Horse*~ Mall, by my friend, Stormy Hooves.

In this blog, I am wearing the “Nell Overalls” that are now available at ~*Moolala*~.   They come in five mesh sizes, that can also fit Maitreya- Lara,  Belleza-Freya, and Slink-Physique.  I am wearing the Lara body, and with just a few adjustments on my alpha hud, this fit perfectly (screen shot included in the post)!   There are four jeans textures, and 8 textures for the attached shirt, in the fat pack, so you get plenty of great combinations to work with!  It was very comfortable to wear on the farm.  🙂

Guest model/helper: 

Տtormy Hooves Տtillwater (miya902) of Clear Creek Outfitters


“Nell Overalls” by ~*Moolala*~


“Jill” (in reds) by TRUTH

Mesh body:

“Lara” by Maitreya


“Marilyn/Amaretto/Cleavage/Lip Gloss H” by Ooh-la-licious Skins


“Henna 1 Upper Tattoo” by Rusty Needle


~*Water Horse*~ Mall




Author: zapaterostyle

I'm a blogger for Second Life. My favorite things to talk about are clothing, hair styles, GACHA events, great photography sims, and various shops that I love!

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