Ode to my mother

Today is Mother’s Day in my part of the world, and this is the first time where it’s a joyous & somber occasion.  My mom passed away in March, and while I am saddened by her sudden passing, I try to keep my depression at bay with fond memories of her loving nature, and her love of nature.  She found the beauty in so many things, that most would overlook.  Her biggest ambition was to help those who needed a voice of justice.  She was proud that I served in the military, but she was even more proud of  my sons, for overcoming every obstacle that was put in their way.    Little things like a bird singing when I am crying, or finding her favorite flavor of wine in a store, reminds me that she is never far away, even though her life on Earth has come to an end.  Her legacy will forever live on.

In this blog ,  I am wearing the “Blossom” dress, created by ~*Moolala*~, available now at the store.  With a breezy tank top and a slimming mini skirt, it’s simply adorable, and perfectly made for Summer outings.    The top and skirt both have fourteen floral patterns, and seven solid patterns, via the texture HUD, to create all sorts of beautiful combinations.      It is available in the following mesh sizes:   Fitmesh, Ebody,  Maitreya- Lara, Slink (Hourglass and Physique), and Belleza (Freya, Isis, and Venus).   I am currently wearing the one for Lara, and I didn’t need to make any adjustments with my alpha HUD.    Due to the skirt size, I would advise using the pelvic alpha options, or a panties texture.

Outfit:  “Blossom” dress by ~*Moolala*~

Mesh body:  “Lara” by Maitreya

Skin:  “Niska : 6 – Cinnamon :: Petals {Freck/DarkBrow}” by Lumae

Hair:  “No Waste” by No.Match, at the HairOLogy event

Jewelry:  “Big Hoop Earrings” by Âɖяίαɲα (adriana.arun)

Sim location:   Calas Galadhon Park Sims  


 Blossom Dress - SL


Author: zapaterostyle

I'm a blogger for Second Life. My favorite things to talk about are clothing, hair styles, GACHA events, great photography sims, and various shops that I love!

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