“Fashionista” –  a word frequently used in Second Life.   In a virtual world, you can be the model of your dreams, wearing fabulous clothing, in styles that could rival the real life runway.   When you walk down a flight of stairs, or strut around on the catwalk, all eyes are on you …you’re the star, holding the attention of adoring fans.  The moment you arrive is talked about, whether on time or fashionably late.   Everything from your hair to your shoes is on point, and the smallest detail is never overlooked.   Your attire could be talked about for days, or immortalized in a magazine article.   It will be remembered;  you will be the Talk Of The Town.

In this blog post, I am wearing the “Ashton” dress, created by ~*Moolala*~, for The Darkness Chamber Fair, which runs from now until July 22nd.   It is a cocktail dress with a low cut bodice, that is sexy , and still leaves plenty to the imagination.   There are 10 polka dot textures on the HUD, for the front of the dress.   It is made to fit the eBody, Maitreya (Lara), and Slink (Hourglass and Physique) mesh bodies, and also comes in Large and Small sizes.     I am wearing the Lara mesh body by Maitreya, and due to my personal avatar shape, I had to make some adjustments with my alpha HUD.   You may not need to do this, but I have included a screenshot, in case your avatar is on the curvy side, like mine.

Dress:  “Ashton” by ~*Moolala*~, at The Darkness Chamber Fair until July 22nd

Hair:  “Forever Yours” by EXILE

Eyes:  “Eyes Of The World” by EarthStones

Skin:  ” Niska : 6 – Cinnamon” by Lumae

Mesh Body:  “Lara” by Maitreya

Shoes:  “Begonia” by Glamistry

Jewelry:  “Lora” earrings and “Peace & Love” necklace by EarthStones

Sim location:  Finesmith, Inc. free photo studio




Author: zapaterostyle

I'm a blogger for Second Life. My favorite things to talk about are clothing, hair styles, GACHA events, great photography sims, and various shops that I love!

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