It’s August.. it’s back to school !    Going back to class can be an exciting time …especially if you pick just the right Adult rated roleplay sim!  Deep Valley High School offers just that, and while it looks innocent enough on the outside, there are plenty of areas that can be used to “correct” students who don’t follow the rules.  I went as a visitor, and I was impressed with the layout;  it has a very realistic look & feel of the campus life.   If you prefer to get in on the action (pun intended!), you can apply inside the school.

I wasn’t able to get a uniform, as I was only looking around, but I thought the Women Stuff hunt gift from *~Moolala~*, which features a shirt with periodic table elements that spell out NErDy, was the perfect thing to wear.   There are five selections to choose from, which jacket layers for classic avatars, and a HUD which features applier options for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and Omega.  This is not something you should wear around a kid-friendly school setting, as the underside of the breasts are exposed, but it goes nicely with a naughty uniform… or just by itself, if you are really hot for teacher!  😉

Body:  Lara by Maitreya

Skin:  “Marilyn- Amaretto (Lip Gloss H)” by Ooh-la-licious Skins

Hair: “No.Shelter” by No.Match

Shirt: WomenStuff Hunt AUG 2016 Gift from *~Moolala~*

Shorts:  “Cossy” by Blueberry

Shoes:  “Mili Sandals (Vestir)” by >> Art Tattoo <<

Eyes:  “Venus Eyes Mystic Hazel (Tyra)” by *NOYA*

Glasses:  ” Rectangle Framed Glasses #001″ by HOC Industries

Tattoos:  “Tattoo’s -Henna 1” by Rusty Needle

Sim:  Deep Valley High School


World Photo Day -where life is a canvas

Today is “World Photo Day”, which celebrates photography, a beautiful profession that was invented 177 years ago.  While the real world provides numerous places to “take a snap” (picture), one should not overlook all of the glorious places that can be found in virtual worlds too!    My preference, of course, is Second Life, and the photography sims rarely let me down.   Today, I came across Beneath The Waning Moon (owned by the Ex Malo Bonum group), a splendid sim that has a photo studio, art gallery, and tremendous outdoor scenes which are perfect for photo backdrops!

In this entry, I am wearing a gift made by *~Moolala~*, created for the Body Of Evidence Hunt.  It is a form fitting body suit, that shows off curves with class and lots of sex appeal too.  The top and pants come in Jacket and Pants layers, respectively, and there is an applier HUD, for those with mesh bodies.  Additionally, you will also receive a leaf necklace, that nestles perfectly between the bosom.

Mesh Body:

“Lara” by Maitreya


“No.Mojito” by No.Match


“Marilyn” in Amaretto by Ooh-la-licious Skins®

Outfit and Necklace:

“Body Of Evidence” hunt gift by *~Moolala~*

(this hunt gift will be available through August 31)


“Jabari Ear Rings” by -= UZURI =-


“Heather” by Glamistry


“Henna 1 Upper Tattoo” by Rusty Needle Tattoos


“Beneath A Waning Moon” Photo Studio and Art Gallery


Glory, Glory

The Glory outfit , created for Stuff Style by *~Moolala~* is perfect for Summer!  It has a form fitting crisscross halter top (comes in Red, Blue, and White) that accentuates  the bosom, and ties in the front.   The American flag decorates the shorts, which hug your curves sensually.  The shorts have a HUD, and Omega appliers.  I am wearing the top for Maitreya, and the Fitmesh – L shorts fit the Lara body perfectly.   This is available in mesh, fitmesh, Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza.

Outfit:  “Glory” by *~Moolala~*

Hair:  No_Mojito by No.Match at the Hair Fair

Jewelry:  Lora Set – Sunstone Gold by EarthStones

Don’t call it a “Comeback”…

Recently, I found out that my lung cancer came back, but this time, it’s at a lower stage, so I can defeat it AGAIN!    😉     I know that one way to speed up the recovery is to be more physically active, and I read an article not too long ago that being physically active in a virtual world helps motivate  you to stay active in the non pixel world .   I decided to visit ROCKA-FIT gym, which is a very nice fitness center in Second Life.

I am wearing one of the comfiest workout outfits that I own.  The top is made by *~Moolala~*, and it’s appropriately called “Sports Top {Hudded}”.  It’s a loose fit mesh top, and comes in 5 sizes ( XXS, XS, S, M, L), and the hud has 8 colors for the background (black, light blue, green, yellow/orange, pink, purple, white/lt. gray, and dark orange).  It covers the bosom flawlessly, but still lose enough to make sure you stay cool while exercising.      You can find this fat pack in one of the Lucky Chairs at *~Moolala~*!

Tank top:  “Sports!” by  *~Moolala~*

Shorts: “Sylvia” by Blueberry

Skin: “Marilyn (Amaretto)” by Ooh-la-licious

Hair: “Gigi (Reds04)” by TRUTH hair

Mesh body: “Lara” by Maitreya

Low tops shoes by HOC Apparel

Fitness center:  ROCKA-FIT




Discover your *ROOTS*- one’s story is the story for all

Recently, I have been watching the ROOTS movie on the A&E channel, the one that came out on Memorial Day.  It reminded me that I wanted to look more into the West African side of my family, but also reminded me how much I missed exploring the African sims on Second Life.   Just as their real life counterpart, virtual African sims are rich in culture and music, and everyone’s story has some root there.  To me, that helps people connect better, and learn that while our stories do differ, in a way, they are also the same.




“Marilyn” in Amaretto by Ooh-la-licious Skins

Mesh body:

“Lara” by Maitreya


“Mackenzie” by Wasabi Pills


“Mai Leopard Dress” by ~*Moolala*~ for the Paws, Tails & Whiskers Hunt


“Cheryl” by -KC- Shoes & Apparel


“Henna 1” by Rusty Needle Tattoos


*AfriCARiBbeaN- AFRICA CrEoLe-CaJun – Bayou

National Doughnut Day !!!

June 3rd is National Doughnut Day, and honestly, I like this day a lot more than most holidays.   I mean, who wouldn’t?   Many bakeries offer a free doughnut for every customer, and who wouldn’t want to pass that up??   Seeing as though I have to watch what I eat in real life (except maybe today, of course), I decided to venture out to visit one of the Dunkin Donuts shops in Second Life.   This one is especially helpful if you use the [ L I F E ] & [Life2] hud, because you can buy treats to help you with your stats.  I don’t use the HUD, but I can vouch that  their Rainbow Doughnut is delicious.. it was so good, that I ordered another donut!   😉     Seeing what day it is, I just had to wear the Gluttony dress, created by *~Moolala~*, for the Sinner Hunt.   I don’t feel bad at all for indulging, repeatedly, in my favorite pastry!  😀


Skin: “Marilyn” (in Amaretto) by Ooh-la-licious Skins®

Hair: “Holly (in Colours)” by TRUTH

Eyes: “Eyes Of The World (Earth Day gift)” by EarthStones

Dress: “Gluttony” (part of the Sinners Hunt) by *~Moolala~*

Tattoos: “Henna 1” by Rusty Needle

Mesh Body: “Lara” by Maitreya

Location:  Dunkin’ Donuts

Rainbow Donut provided by:  [Life2] & [ L I F E ]

NPC staff:  Colinfindlay79 Resident & Amberkaye81 Resident

“The Club That Feels Like Home”

One of my friends, Miya, recently made a post about club called The Willows.   If you know me well enough, you know that I like retro style sims, clubs, clothing, etc.   So, I just had to check it out.  It says that it is “The club that feels like home”, and it shows the moment that you arrive.  It’s not flashy, or full of super laggy decor.  It has a cute dance area in the middle of the building, vending machines and playground equipment to keep even the youngest visitor happy, cozy dance areas outside if love birds want a break from the crowd, and just an overall sense  of “hey, stay a while, you are always welcome here”.   I highly recommend having a visit (or more, of course), whether you are there solo, with friends, or that special someone. 🙂

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Mesh body:

“Lara (v3.5)” by Maitreya


“No.Shelter” by No.Match


“Marilyn” in Amaretto by Ohh-la-licious

Dress: (available through 5/31)

“Flowerage Hunt Gift”  by *~Moolala~*


“Romance” in Blue by  Nina Nerys


“Harem” by -=UZURI=-


“Mili” by >> Art Tattoo <<


The Willows